En Pointe & Just Dance will come to you!
All the aspects you love about our event will be at your studio. We will bring the adjudicator, the charm bracelets, the prizes, and we will transform your studio into a theatre space.

Why choose ‘Competition In A Box’?

~We understand some of your students and parents may feel uncomfortable performing at our events, due to Covid-19. Your students will be able to compete in your studio where they are familiar with your set protocols and they already feel safe.

~Parents will be able to watch their child dance. Most traditional competitions will be live streaming the events.

~Dates can be negotiated to suit your studio’s schedule.

~It is a more personal experience. The adjudicator will comment directly to the dancers, while social distancing.

~It is cost effective for families, as no hotel or travel cost will need to be incurred.

~It is an opportunity for team building.

How do you book your ‘Competition In A Box’?

Contact Natalie at:

En Pointe & Just Dance will negotiate with you the best date and time that works for your families.  Perhaps, during the week is best? Perhaps, you would prefer a summer event?  Before we come to your studio, we will meet virtually with the studio director to go over a complete and comprehensive guide for the requirements we need to make your event a success.  

*In order to book an event date at your studio, there must be a minimum of 25 entries.*