En Pointe Festival Info

En Pointe is our Ballet section of En Pointe and Just Dance.

We categorize dancers according to their technique level. Since En Pointe does not divide categories solely according to age, birth certificates are not necessary. We rely on the integrity of the teachers and the students who attend our festival to be honest about the level at which they are currently dancing. We trust that you will respect this facet of the En Pointe event and enter your students honestly in the appropriate category. Students should be entered in the dance level in which they are currently studying. Please, see our ‘Technical Level‘ chart to place your students in the appropriate En Pointe Level.

En Pointe’s Divisions

Junior Division is called Nutcracker, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty
Intermediate Division is called Coppelia, Swan Lake, Carmen
Senior Division is called Firebird, Giselle, Petrouchka, La Sylphide, Romeo & Juliet, Napoli

En Pointe’s Technical Levels

En Pointe Levels R.A.D. Equivalent Cecchetti Equivalent Russian Equivalent
The Nutcracker Pre-Primary Pre-Ballet (Age 5) Pre-Ballet (Age 5)
Cinderella Primary Pre-Ballet (Age 6) Level 1
Sleeping Beauty Grade 1 & 2 Grade 1 Level 2
Coppelia Grade 3 Grade 2 Level 3
Swan Lake Grade 4 Grade 3 Level 4
Carmen Grade 5 & Intermediate Foundations Grade 4 Level 5 & 6
Firebird Grade 6,7,8, Intermediate Grade 5 Level 7,8, Pre-Elementary
Giselle Advanced Foundations,Advanced 1 Grade 6, Intermediate Elementary, Intermediate
Petrouchka Advanced 2 Advanced 1 Advanced
La Sylphide Novice Beginner Teens Novice Beginner Teens Novice Beginner Teens
Romeo & Juliet Solo Seal Advanced 2 Pre-Professional
Napoli Professional Professional Professional

En Pointe’s Categories

Categories No. of Performers Maximum Time Limit
Solo 1 dancer 2 min. 30 seconds
Pas de deux 2 dancers 2 min. 30 seconds
Pas de trios 3 dancers 2 min. 30 seconds
Small group 4-8 dancers 3 minutes
Large group 9-15 dancers 3 minutes
Class 16-19 dancers 3 minutes
Ballet Suite 20+ dancers 8 minutes

For entry fee information, please contact the festival directors (email on the Contact Us page).

En Pointe’s Streams

Adjudication Stream: This stream follows the traditional style of competition.

Presentation Stream: All students participating in this stream will receive the adjudicator’s comments as well as a beautiful participant’s memento.  Participants will not receive a mark and will not be in contention for the overall awards.  They will be eligible for adjudicators’ special acknowledgment awards.

Starlets:  For our most precious performers, ages 3-5 years old. These ‘little stars’ have the opportunity to perform and grace the stage with all the wonderment and merriment they possess. Teachers are welcome to assist the STARLETS by leading and guiding them on stage, if needed. The adjudicators will offer encouraging and positive feedback only, with no marks attached. (Click here to learn more about Starlets)

En Pointe’s Technical Elements

Due to Covid-19, Technical Elements will not be required for 2021.  We ask that all soloists in the adjudication stream prepare the following set step, specific to their level.  This element will constitute 10% of the final mark.  Please, prepare your students in advance for this section.

En Pointe’s Technical Level Soloist’s Technical Element Requirement Pointe Soloist’s Technical Element Requirement
The Nutcracker Demi plie in 1st position, arms on waist
Cinderella 4 Sautes in 1st position, arms on waist
Sleeping Beauty 2 echappe sautés in 1st position, arms opening demi second to bras bas
Coppelia Starting and finishing in 3rd position, 1 pas de chat.  Will be seen on the right and the left.
Swan Lake 4 balance de cotes, arms in 3rd 4 releves in 5th position
Carmen 4 changements. 4 echappe releve en pointe
Firebird Glissade derriere and assemble over, performed both sides. Two pas de bouree pique, en pointe, arms 3rd to 3rd.
Giselle Develope derriere to an arabesque en l’air 4 pique turns ( pose en dedans)
Petrouchka Double pirouette en dehors, finishing in a lunge Series of chaine turns
La Sylphide Single pirouette en dehors.  Will be seen both sides
Romeo & Juliet 8 fouette rond de jambe en tournant.  Seen on best side. 8 fouette rond de jambe en tournant en pointe.  Seen on best side.
Napoli 8 fouette rond de jambe en tournant.  Seen on best side. 8 fouette rond de jambe en tournant en pointe.  Seen on best side.

Please note:  The above technical elements are drawn from R.A.D. language.

En Pointe’s Subjects

Classical Ballet Must include traditional classical ballet steps and movements.
Contemporary Ballet Must consist of innovative ballet technique and choreography.
Classical Pointe Must include traditional pointe technique in pointe shoes
Contemporary Pointe Must consist of innovative pointe technique and choreography.
Demi Character Must portray a character or theme using ballet technique.
Student Choreography A dance created from inception to completion by a student, without assistance from a teacher. It will be performed in the presentation stream only.