Parent Portal

**Please, note the location for our July 9-11 will be held at Bloom Dance Company 86 Dawson Rd. Unit 2, Guelph, ON N1H 1A8. Overall Awards will be announced via live-stream on the Monday July 12, at 10:00 am.

Although they will look different, En Pointe and Just Dance look forward to holding our events this year, in 2021. We are very excited to provide a performing opportunity for your dancers. We also wanted to provide an information page on our website for the parents/guardians. We know you have a lot of questions and we don’t always have the opportunity to reach out to you directly. We have tried to anticipate a few of your questions:

Will parents/guardians be able to watch the performance? We want you to, but we have to respect the locations regional public health guidelines, the facilities guidelines and the current covid zone of the location. The answer is unfortunately, no. We will have the event live-streamed. We will continue to monitor the situation. If we are given the okay to allow an audience, we will organize it and welcome you in.

Will my dancer need to wear a mask? Yes. Everyone will wear a mask while in the building. Due to the evidence of aerosol transmission, performers will also wear a mask on stage.

What should I expect when I first arrive at the event? When you arrive, your dancer must already be dressed for their first entry, with hair done and make-up done, as well. Dancers must arrive no EARLIER than 30 minutes before their scheduled time. There will be signs with a QR code on them. You will use your camera on your phone to scan the QR code to fill out a waiver and also the covid screening questions. Once completed, you will sign in at our sign in table so we can ensure we have your acceptance of these forms. An email has been sent prior to the events with the QR codes on them, for your convience, to submit the waiver and screening questions in advance of arriving at the event. We would appreciate your submissions in advance to allow for a smooth and quick sign-in process.

Are parents/guardians allowed in the dressing rooms? No, only the dancers will continue to the dressing rooms. Once the sign-in is complete, parents will need to exit the facility. In the dressing rooms, there will be clearly marked areas for each dancer to place their belongings. The areas will be placed in accordance to social distance guidelines.

What will the schedule look like? The competition schedule will be built studio by studio. You will not be required to be at the event for the entire weekend. Each studio will have a block of time allotted to them to perform all the studios entries. Studios from other areas will not cross paths. Cleaning, fogging and access to hand sanitizer will be available.

What will the award ceremony look like? Each session within the schedule will be quite small. For the adjudications, the students will be asked to socially distance themselves on the stage and their placement awards will be announced. In the case of the event on July 9-11, the awards ceremony will take place outside. Parents will be able to watch through the live streaming. The QR code for the live streaming will be sent to parents in advance and also available on site. For the overall awards, En Pointe and Just Dance will live stream the announcements of the awards. Awards will be mailed or hand delivered to your studio.