En Pointe & Just Dance’s ‘STARLET’ CATEGORY!!!

En Pointe and Just Dance’s category, ‘STARLETS’, is for our most precious performers, ages 3-5 years old. These ‘little stars’ have the opportunity to perform and grace the stage with all the wonderment and merriment they possess. Teachers are welcome to assist the STARLETS by leading and guiding them on stage, if needed. The adjudicators will offer encouraging and positive feedback only, with no marks attached. Each and every STARLET will receive a charm bracelet and a special starlet charm!

Entering En Pointe and Just Dance’s ‘STARLETS’ category gives you the chance to:

  • Increase your competitive team.
  • Provide your younger teachers experience in preparing others for performance.
  • Provide the younger siblings of your dancers a turn in the spotlight!

How to Register your STARLETS:

When entering on En Pointe and Just Dance’s online registration system, be sure to click the ‘presentation classification’.