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Welcome to En Pointe & Just Dance

We are a dance competition that celebrates all types of dance in a fun-filled, organized and professional manner. We are truly unique in that we separate the ballet from the other genres of dance, we offer free workshop classes to everyone and we offer a unique ‘presentation stream’.


The ballet section of our competition is called ‘En Pointe’. Ballet technique is a particular skill that involves tremendous dedication and intensive training. We want to devote time and special expertise to this wonderful art form. We categorize dancers according to their current technique level and are adjudicated by professionals who are experts in the artistry of ballet. To find further information about our ballet section click on the ‘En Pointe’ button on the right and also click on the ‘En Pointe Festival Information’ tab.

All the other genres of dance such as, jazz, tap, lyrical, modern, hip hop, acro, musical theatre, open and contemporary jazz comprise our ‘Just Dance’ section. We want to provide a forum for dancers to showcase their talent and versatility with these exciting styles of dance. We categorize dancers according to their age and are adjudicated by professionals who are experts in these fields. To find further information about ‘Just Dance’, click on the ‘Just Dance’ button on the right and also click on the ‘Just Dance Festival Information’ tab.

Master Classes/Workshops

En Pointe offers master classes at no extra cost! Everyone is invited to attend, students and teachers alike. A professional in a particular field of dance will be hired to teach a piece of choreography and offer informative tips for participants to take back to their studio. In most cases, the classes are scheduled before the performance begins, serving as an important ‘warm-up’ to our dancers. The master class/workshop is a great way to relax, try something new and have fun!

Presentation Stream

Are you a studio that is looking for an opportunity for some of your students to perform, but do not wish them to engage in a competition? Our ‘Presentation Stream’ is for you! Your students perform and participate in all the fun activities the competitive dancers do, but they do not receive marks. They will receive a participation prize, they experience performing on a professional stage and they receive adjudicator feedback. They are not, however, eligible for the overall awards, due to the fact they are not competing for marks. We encourage you and your dancers to come and join the fun!