Rules & Regulations


  • All entries must be received by the noted deadline. Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of En Pointe & Just Dance and will be charged an additional $10.00 per entry. Entries are limited and schedules are always challenging to put together so please be on time. Many thanks for your cooperation.
  • 50% of the total fees are due Jan. 15, 2022.  The remaining 50% of the total are due March 1, 2022. There should be one cheque per studio covering the entry fees for all entries from that studio. En Pointe & Just Dance will not accept individual cheques from families. E-transfers are also accepted.
  • When registered online, it is understood that all participants and teachers will complete and agree to the waiver.
  • Dancers cannot enter the same category twice. Should they wish to dance again, they must enter in the next highest category level. This rule also applies to group numbers if more than 80% of the dancers are in the same routines.
  • The pieces that are entered in En Pointe & Just Dance must be appropriate for family viewing. At the discretion of the judges, entries that do not meet this standard will be disqualified. En Pointe & Just Dance reserves the right to refuse individual or studio entries at their discretion. If a number is disqualified, entry fees will not be refunded.
  • Teachers, students and parents are not allowed to discuss any of the adjudicator’s comments or marks with the judges. All adjudicator’s decisions are final.
  • In the event that there is a tie, the adjudicators will be asked to assess a final winner.  All adjudicator’s decisions are final.
  • no technical elements for En Pointe will be required for 2022
  • Musical Theatre One is now permitted for 2022
  • En Pointe masterclasses will be offered in 2022, depending on amount of entries


  • Schedules can be viewed online through our website. A tentative schedule will be opened for viewing approximately 3-4 weeks before the festival date. Each studio should examine the tentative schedule closely to discover any scheduling difficulties. Please contact an En Pointe & Just Dance director as soon as possible to inform of any errors or conflicts. After changes have been made, a final schedule will be open for viewing closer to the date of the festival.
  • Every effort is made to accommodate changes in scheduling, however, in certain circumstances, changes may not be possible. We will be unable to make any scheduling changes one week prior to the competition.

Refund Policy

  • Standard Refund Policy for participants who miss the event due to physical injuries or reasons other than Covid-19 illness is:  All fees are refundable if organizers are informed before the initial first draft schedule is released.  50% of the fees are refundable if organizers are informed after the initial schedule and before the final schedule is released or fees can be used for the following dance season, at another location.  Once the final schedule is announced, fees are non-refundable.
  • Prior to the entry fee closing date, a non-refundable deposit is required to hold entry space for a specified competition location.
  • Entry fees for events are in two payments, for 2022.  The first installment is 50% of the total, due Jan. 15, 2022 and the remaining 50% of the total is due March 1.
  • Entry fees for ‘Competition In A Box’ are due by eTransfer one week before the scheduled date.  A non-refundable deposit is due to hold the desired date of the event.
  • Due to Covid reasons, if a participant cannot attend En Pointe and Just Dance event, in 2022, or if the venue closes, or if the government restricts the event from operating, there are three options: i)  attend a postponed event ii) book ‘Competition In A Box’ at a later date iii) any NEW entries who sent in payment in 2022, will receive a 90% refund of fees.  The remaining 10% is an administration fee that will apply.
  • Those who hold credit from 2020, the credit will be honoured into 2022.

Theatre Etiquette

  • The directors of En Pointe & Just Dance feel very strongly that all children participating in our event should have their privacy protected; therefore photography of ANY KIND is strictly prohibited in the theatre. This includes still photography with or without a flash and video taping. Should an audience member engage in such an activity, they will be asked to leave the theatre immediately.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the theatre. Consumption of refreshments on the theatre premises is also restricted to specific areas. Please respect the rules of the individual theatres we use for our competition so that we may all be allowed to continue to use these terrific facilities.
  • Please advise all students to refrain from bringing any food into the dressing rooms. We thank you on your co-operation in this matter.
  • At the conclusion of the festival, all dressing rooms must be left CLEAN and UNDAMAGED. If damage should occur En Pointe & Just Dance will charge all studios sharing that particular dressing room a damage fee.
  • Stay tuned for Covid protocols for 2022.  Changing Ontario rules and circumstances will dictate protocols.


  • Glitter, confetti, etc. may not be thrown onstage during the course of a number.
  • Props may be used in any number, provided they can be moved on and off the stage quickly, and are free standing. Props that could pose any danger to anyone should not be used. Such props might be, but are not restricted to, flames fire, sharp objects, etc.
  • We request that people setting props on stage do not wear any studio jacket, t-shirt, etc, that identifies them as being affiliated with a particular studio. Please inform festival staff, at the closing date of entries, if it will take more than one minute to set up your production number. Should this be the case we will schedule extra time for your set-up.
  • If the stage does become littered with anything during the course of your number, please be prepared to clean it up immediately following your routine.
  • Due to Covid-19, props are allowed, but no one is to touch others props, at any time.  Large props must be moved by teacher and or dancer, as no parents are allowed backstage.  Keep prop size managable, for these Covid times.

Liability Issues

  • During the course of the festival, pictures may be taken of the students and their teachers by festival staff. By taking part in the festival, all participants give permission for these photos to be used for the purposes of promotion, advertising etc.
  • Upon participating in En Pointe & Just Dance it is agreed that teachers, competitors, parents and relatives will not hold En Pointe & Just Dance directors, employees, or anyone involved in the competition responsible or reliable for any damages, loss, or personal injury which they may sustain while participating in any activity connected with this competition, no matter how caused to either the contestant or spectators.
  • Waivers including Covid-19 warnings must be signed by each parent/guardian and participant ahead of the event.  Links will be provided.
  • Please, continue to follow government and public health guidelines in regards to Covid close contact mandates.  Please, self monitor covid symptoms.  If you experience any covid symptoms, stay home.
  • As of February 9, 2022, all theatres will only allow double vaccinated clients in the facility.  Be prepared to check in with your government issued QR code to be permitted entrance into the facility.
  • Teachers must remember to pick up their music after the competition. En Pointe & Just Dance is not responsible for studio’s music, if forgotten at the theatre. En Pointe & Just Dance will not be responsible for mailing and shipping of music.

Any matters not dealt with in the list of rules should be referred to a director of En Pointe & Just Dance in whose sole decision all cases shall be final.